A Toyota Service Pack is a simple way to pay for your vehicle’s servicing. Not only will it offer you greater convenience, it can save you money too.


What does the Service Pack include?

Your Toyota Service Pack provides you with 2 years care-free driving along with 1 year of roadside assistance.


What types of cars are included?

You can purchase a Toyota Service Pack for any used Toyota vehicle. You can find a list of prices below. The savings are quite impressive.
Model Engine Type Size Minor Service Full Service 2 Years Servicing Cost 2 Year Service Pack Customer Saving
Yaris Petrol 1.0 €119.50 €225.03 €344.53 €299 €45.53
Yaris Diesel 1.4 €120.90 €309.04 €429.94 €299 €130.94
Yaris Hybrid 1.5 €160.00 €259.00 €419.00 €299 €120.00
Auris Petrol 1.3 €125.00 €225.00 €350.00 €299 €51.00
Auris Diesel 1.4 €145.00 €230.00 €375.00 €299 €76.00
Auris Hybrid 1.8 €161.34 €272.48 €433.82 €299 €134.82
Corolla Petrol 1.3 €125.00 €220.00 €345.00 €299 €46.00
Corolla Diesel 1.4 €122.66 €299.29 €421.95 €299 €122.95
Corolla Hybrid 1.8 €152.26 €275.00 €427.26 €299 €128.26
Prius Hybrid 1.8 €152.26 €272.84 €425.10 €299 €126.10
Avensis Diesel 1.6 €255.27 €296.08 €551.35 €299 €252.35
CHR Petrol 1.2 €132.52 €286.54 €419.06 €299 €120.06
CHR Hybrid 1.8 €152.26 €266.70 €418.96 €299 €119.96
Rav4 Diesel 2.0 €273.43 €311.43 €584.86 €299 €285.86
Rav4 Hybrid 2.5 €154.42 €275.00 €429.42 €299 €130.42


What are the benefits?

  • Fix your future service cost at today’s prices for 2 years.
  • Convenient one off payment of €299 covers 2 services within 2 years.
  • Complete flexibility to suit your annual mileage/length of ownership.
  • Enhance the resale value of your vehicle with a full Toyota service history.
  • Get added benefits that are only available with a Toyota Service Pack.


What’s the difference between an intermediate and full service?

Intermediate Service
During the intermediate service our Experienced Toyota Mechanics replace the engine oil and oil filter of your vehicle and conduct a thorough Health and Safety check according to Toyota schedule. This will cover the braking system, steering system, lighting and tyres whilst topping up the under-bonnets levels as necessary. Your vehicle will receive a free wash and vac afterwards and a free vehicle health check report.
Full Service
During the full service our Experienced Toyota Mechanics conduct a full Health and Safety Service according to Toyota schedule. The engine oil and oil filter, air filter, fuel filter (diesel), spark plugs are replaced if required. The brake fluid is changed and the cabin filter is replaced with this service. Your vehicle will also receive a free wash and vac afterwards and a free vehicle health check report.


The Benefits With a Service Pack Without a Service Pack
Guaranteed against price increases Yes No
One off payment for 2 years Yes No
1 year roadside assistance Yes No
Experienced Toyota mechanics Yes Yes
Free wash and vac (after every service) Yes Yes
Genuine Toyota parts fitted with a 12 month warranty Yes Yes
10% discount off additional work not covered by the plan* Yes No
10% discount off any Toyota genuine accessory fitted Yes No
Free puncture repair ** (anytime during plan) Yes No
Free bulb fitment *** (anytime during plan) Yes No
Free wiper fitment (anytime during plan) Yes No
Free vehicle health-check (anytime during plan) Yes No


To purchase a service pack or for more information, please ask a member of our service team or give us a call on 045-525 255.