Many drivers have been making the switch to Hybrid over the last few years, but many more have yet to reap the benefits.

If you’re considering taking a test-drive, or if you’ve recently made the switch and want to know how to drive more economically, we’ve listed some tips below.

Make Yourself Familiar With The Different Driving Modes

There are four different modes: Normal, Eco, EV and Power.

  1. When you start the car, it defaults to normal mode. This mean that the engine automatically balances it’s usage between the petrol engine and the battery.
  2. EV mode is typically used for city driving or very slow moving traffic. It’s powered by the battery only and doesn’t emit any tail-pipe emissions. The engine is very quiet so people around you may not think the car is running.
  3. Eco mode reduces A/C output and limits harsh acceleration.
  4. Power mode boosts acceleration by combining the petrol engine and battery power. It’s most often used on the motorway to build speed.

In a bid to reduce your fuel consumption, you should aim to use EV mode as often as possible. You can achieve this by accelerating to reach your desired speed and then gently easing on and off the accelerator. A green EV light should illuminate on your dashboard once EV mode is activated. Maintaining a steady speed is key. Braking slowly and gently as opposed to suddenly also helps to maximise the amount of energy which the battery recovers.

Other Tips for Improving Fuel Consumption

By removing roof boxes, roof rails and bike racks when not in use, you can reduce the pressure on the car. Keeping your windows up once over 80 km/h should also help reduce the drag which will reduce fuel consumption.

Toyota found that 50% of the journey time of most Hybrid drivers is spent in electric mode, while the Irish Engineers Journal reported an impressive 63% .We hope the above tips will help.


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