Whether you work in a bodyshop or your Toyota was recently involved in a crash, you’ll be glad to hear about our Toyota Write-Off Avoidance scheme.

What types of write-offs are included?

In cases where vehicles are classed as a category C or D write-off , we’re able to offer Genuine Toyota Parts at up to a 35% discount. That’s because these repairs are classes as uneconomical rather than a safety risk. Often times it means a bumper, headlamps, bonnets or wing mirrors need replacing.

The discount is offered on cars 5 years or older, with the total discount depending on the individual part.

Why should you repair versus replace the car?

The good news is that the customer gets to hold onto their car (avoiding the hassle of searching for a new one, getting insurance quotes and taxing a new car). It’s a win for bodyshops also because they get to complete the work rather than waving it off, and it’s a win for us in Monasterevin Motors because we supply the parts.