One of the most common queries we get about dashboard warning lights, is the Tyre Pressure Indicator or TPI.

What does it look like?

It’s similar to a yellow exclamation mark inside a horse-shoe.

Why does it light up?

The purpose of the TPI is to warn drivers that their tyres need to be inflated. In some cases it might also indicate that the tyres have been over inflated.

Why is it an issue?

The problem with under inflated tyres is that it can cause premature wear, decreased fuel economy and tyre overload. Over inflated tyres can lead to decreased traction and premature wear to the centre of the tyres.

How can I check my tyre pressure?

Simply visit a petrol station and insert the gauge onto the lock on one of your tyres. It’s important to check each tyre individually. Modern gauges will typically beep once the level is correct. It might also be worth looking for signs of wear in the middle or on the edges.

What if the light only illuminates sometimes?

If you notice the TPI light during cold weather, it’s usually an indication that your bordering low pressure levels. When the cold weather sets in, it causes your tyres to contract. When your tyres contract and go below the minimum pressure level, it then sets off the TPI. It’s important to top up your tyre pressure as soon as you can.

Another issue you might experience is that the TPI flashes for 60-90 seconds after starting your car. If it remains illuminated after this, it’s worthwhile visitng a mechanic as there may be an issue with one of the sensors.

If you’re worried about your TPI light, please give us a call on 045-525 255 and we will be more than happy to help!