Toying with the idea of a new car but worried you won’t be able to afford it?

Fear not, we’ve got a wide variety of finance options available across our range of new and used cars. From Hire Purchase to PCP, bank loans or credit union loans, we can help find the right option for you.

Hire Purchase

The most common form of finance that we use is hire purchase or HP. It involves paying a deposit or trading in a car of a certain value and then paying off instalments over a set period of time. Eg. €350 per month over 24 months. You own the car once the final payment is made. Up until that point, it is technically the property of the finance company. Some popular companies include Blue Stone, AIB, Bank of Ireland and First Auto Finance.


For brand new cars, most dealers offer PCP which is a personal contract plan. It works by paying a deposit, paying off instalments over roughly 2-4 years and then at the end of the contract you have three options. The first option involves paying the balance so that you take ownership of the car. The second option involves replacing your current car with a new one and then starting a new contract. The third option involves ceasing the contract. The dealership then takes back ownership of the car.

Bank or Credit Union Loans

We have a good working relationship with all the major financial institutions and can assist in providing any information you might need for a loan application.


There’s pros and cons to each option for everyone. To find out which one might suit you best, why not give our sales team a call on 045-256 064.